lay1 [lā]
laid, laying [ME leyen, new formation < 3d pers. sing. of earlier leggen < OE lecgan, lit., to make lie (akin to Goth lagjan, Ger legen) < pt. base of OE licgan, to LIE1]
1. to cause to come down or fall with force; knock down, as from an erect position [a blow laid him low]
2. to cause to lie; place or put so as to be in a resting or recumbent position; deposit: often with on or in [lay the pen on the desk]
a) to put down or place (bricks, carpeting, etc.) in the correct position or way for a specific purpose
b) to cause to be situated in a particular place or condition [the scene is laid in France]
c) to establish or prepare as a basis or for use [to lay the groundwork]
d) to arrange the fuel in a fireplace for (a fire)
4. to place; put; set: esp. of something abstract [to lay emphasis on accuracy]
5. to produce and deposit (an egg or eggs)
a) to cause to subside or settle [lay the dust]
b) to allay, suppress, overcome, or appease [to lay a ghost, lay one's fears]
7. to press or smooth down [to lay the nap of cloth]
8. to bet (a specified sum, etc.)
9. to impose or place (a tax, penalty, etc. on or upon)
10. to work out; devise [to lay plans]
11. to prepare (a table) for a meal; set with silverware, plates, etc.
12. to advance, present, or assert [to lay claim to property, to lay a matter before the voters]
13. to attribute; ascribe; charge; impute [to lay the blame on someone]
14. to arrange and twist together (strands) so as to form (rope, yarn, etc.)
15. Slang to have sexual intercourse with
16. Mil. to aim (a gun) by adjusting its direction and elevation
1. to lay an egg or eggs
2. to bet; wager
3. to lie; recline: a dialectal or substandard usage
4. Dial. to get ready; plan [laying to rob a store]
5. Naut. to go; proceed [all hands, lay aft to the fantail!]
1. the way or position in which something is situated or arranged [the lay of the land ]
2. a share in the profits of some enterprise, esp. of a whaling expedition
3. the direction or amount of twist of the strands of a rope, cable, etc.
4. Informal terms of employment, a sale, etc.
5. Slang
a) an instance of sexual intercourse
b) a person regarded as a sexual partner
6. [Slang, Chiefly Brit.] one's occupation, esp. as a criminal
lay about one
to deliver blows on all sides; strike out in every direction
lay a course
1. Naut. to proceed in a certain direction without the need for tacking
2. to make plans to do something
lay aside
1. to put to one side; lay out of the way
2. to save; lay away
lay away
1. to set aside for future use; save
2. to set (merchandise) aside for future delivery
3. to bury: usually in the passive
lay by
1. to save; lay away
2. Dial.
a) to cultivate (a crop) for the last time
b) to harvest and store (a crop or crops)
lay down
1. to sacrifice or give up (one's life)
2. to assert or declare emphatically
3. to bet; wager
4. to store away, as wine in a cellar
lay for
Informal to be waiting to attack
lay in
to get and store away
lay into Slang
1. to attack and hit repeatedly; beat
2. to attack with words; scold
lay it on thick or lay it on Informal
1. to exaggerate
2. to express praise effusively
lay off
1. to put (a garment, etc.) aside
2. to put (an employee) out of work, esp. temporarily
3. to mark off the boundaries of
4. Slang
a) to cease
b) to stop criticizing, teasing, etc.
c) to stop for a rest
5. Slang to transfer part of (a bet) to another bookmaker so as to minimize risk: said of a bookmaker
lay on
1. to spread on
2. to attack with force; strike repeatedly
lay oneself open
to expose oneself to attack, blame, etc.
lay open
1. to open up; cut open
2. to expose; uncover
lay out
1. to spend
2. to arrange according to a plan
3. to spread out (clothes, equipment, etc.) ready for wear, inspection, etc.
4. to make (a corpse) ready for burial and for viewing, as at a wake
5. Slang to knock down or make unconscious
6. Slang to scold or censure (someone)
lay over
☆ to stop a while in a place before going on
lay something on someone Slang
1. to tell something to someone
2. to give something to someone
lay to
1. to attribute to; credit to or blame on
2. to apply oneself with vigor
3. Naut.
a) to check a ship's forward motion, esp. by bringing the bow into the wind
b) to lie more or less stationary with the bow to the wind: now usually lie to
lay to rest
to bury; inter
lay up
1. to store for future use; hoard
2. to disable; confine to bed or the sickroom [laid up with the flu]
3. to take (a ship) out of operation, as by putting into a dry dock for repairs
lay2 [lā]
pt. of LIE1
lay3 [lā]
[ME lai < OFr < LL(Ec) laicus, lay, not priestly < Gr laikos < laos, the people]
1. of or consisting of the laity, or ordinary people, as distinguished from the clergy
2. not belonging to or connected with a given profession; nonprofessional [a legal handbook for lay readers]
lay4 [lā]
[ME lai < OFr < Bret * laid, song, akin to Ir laod]
1. a short poem, esp. a narrative poem, orig. for singing as by a medieval minstrel
2. Obs. a song or melody

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